• Democracy is pretty cool.

    We should try it some time. I love helping people participate in politics, whether it's scientists, voters, or volunteers who are knocking on doors. We all count when we're all counted.


    I run the Close Read podcast, which focuses on how political arguments work in practice. Right now, I'm working with We Can Vote to help people cast their ballots safely and securely.

  • My Work


    Helping organizations identify the audiences, policymakers, messages and messengers they need to win public interest campaigns.


    Helping experts and advocates translate their work for policymakers and the public. Workshops, editing and strategy sessions.


    Organizing is the heart and soul of what makes democracy work. A better world is possible, but only if we work together to make it.


    Medium feature writer in politics and bylines for Poynter, Undark, and Sigma Xi.


    Wonking out and hitting the streets go hand-in-hand. Direct action, protests and rallies are an integral part of the political process.


    Organized DC's Nerd Nite, a series of Powerpoint lectures in a bar, usually science-themed.

  • Highlights

    I work at the intersection of science, technology, politics and people.

    Starting a New Congressional Committee

    I served as the communications director for the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. There's no handbook for starting a new committee, so we got to do everything from scratch. I was also responsible for developing caucus-wide resources for communicating about the climate crisis.

    Flipping the House

    Strategic communications director for Swing Left, including managing the organization's messaging, running a big email list and implementing a blistering online get-out-the-vote campaign to encourage people to contact voters.

    Stand up for Science Justice

    National advisory board member for 500 Women Scientists, a grassroots group that advocates for #sciencejustice and equity in science.

    Marching for Science

    Helped volunteers and activists march for science in DC and pushed the post-march organization for more transparency and a greater focus on justice-related issues.

    Running for Science

    Organized the first post-2016 candidate training for scientists through 314 Action. We have more scientists than ever in Congress today.

    Shaping Science Communication

    Presented climate communications working group findings at the National Academy of Science's Sackler Colloquium on science communication.

    Advocacy for Scientists

    I served as a science communications officer at the Union of Concerned Scientist where I worked on climate and energy, nuclear security, government transparency and defending scientists' free speech rights, including helping scientists respond to politicized attacks on their research. I also conducted an analysis of a year's worth of cable news coverage of climate science.


    You can see my full resume at LinkedIn.

  • Science Communication Advice

    I've compiled my science communication advice in an e-book. Download it for free or toss me a few bucks.

    This e-book includes the most tactical-level advice I've written down for conducting on-the-record interviews with journalists, from scheduling interviews to factchecking and evaluating media coverage.